JUMP CUTTER beta - max 2 GB video

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Auto jump cut videos

Remove pauses and silence from your videos online

  1. Drag n Drop video
  2. Jump cut!

No uploading. No signup.

Silence remover that works without having to send your videos to server

Remove silence from videos online.

How to questions

How to remove silence and pauses from videos?

  1. Drop your video in the dropbox.
  2. That is it!

Does it work with background noise?

  • A little bit of noise works but not with loud noise.

Why jump cut videos?

  • Shorter videos get more views and keep people engaged.
  • It's best for you if run a podcast, monologues, or lectures.
  • It will make your videos immediately more interesting with no effort.
  • Shortening videos is as easy as uploading and wait for magic to happen.

Does it work on mobile?

  • No. Not right now.

What's the size limit of one upload?

  • You can jump videos of upto 2 GB in size.